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Jeff Blodgett

Jeff Blodgett Claims Advisor/Business Development 705 775-5119

  • Childhood nickname: Jethro Bodeen
  • Darling Anniversary: I don’t know
  • Most famous person they have met or would like to meet: H. Jon Benjamin
  • On my Bucket List: See the Northern Lights
  • Favourite Food: #6 Spicy Chicken Combo at Wendy’s
  • Favourite Music: I enjoy all music
  • First Concert: Alice Cooper

More About Me

I have 2 dogs (Gordie Howl and Penny Lane). I love all sports and play baseball  in the Bankers league for the Wildcats. I love being outside while enjoying gardening, archery and snowmobiling.

In The Community

Loonies on the Street Volunteer

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